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Kira Basic Ref Sheet by Mega-Monochrome
Kira Basic Ref Sheet
Since im kinda starting over, I should crank out some ref sheets for mah OCs TTuTT

This time Kira isnt so much a goddess, but a demoness who possesses the demons of 7 Deadly Sins.

Name: Kira (has no middle or last name)
Age: 25
Height: 200 ft (9 ft in human height)
Eyes: Golden yellow (with diamond shaped pupils that change shape from emotion)
Hair: Pitch black (not seen here XD)
Gender: Female (Though has no female organs to prove it)
Relationship Status: Married
Mental/Physical Disorders: Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder
A Mareep Christmas to you, Godzilla! by Mega-Monochrome
A Mareep Christmas to you, Godzilla!
Secret Santa gift for the lovely :iconthebrigeeda:!
She wanted multiple things, like a drawing of a pokemon (One of them being MAreep, one of my favorite Pokemon of all time XD) and Godzilla!

I thought it would be boring to do either of these things just floating in mid-air, so I drew Mareep bouncing on Godzilla's belly! X3
Sleeping Birdy by Mega-Monochrome
Sleeping Birdy
Look how she sleeps with such elegance ~ -v-

This is how my OC Blu sleeps in her nest every night, just like a baby! She uses wild cotton for a pillow, and a bit of canvas (found in the woods) for a blanket. It would be difficult to wake her, for she is a heavy sleeper XD (With the occasional sleep-talk babble as well)

Nest picture used----> Bird's Nest

Blu belongs to ME! No stealing please!~
Hello everyone! My apologieze for the long inactivity, especially for new watchers TvT;

But possibly the main reason why is because I lost interest in the stories I were doing (or having too many stories and unable to keep track of it all). So instead of closing this account and rolling off into the sunset, I wanted to start something new, using only one idea and sticking to it.

Some of you might remember my new OC Blu ----->Blu sketches by Mega-Monochrome2. Harpy by Mega-MonochromeBest Birdie Buds by Mega-Monochrome
I love her design so much, that im going to use this account to focus only on her story and friends/adventures/shenanigans and what not.
I dunno, theres something about harpies that I enjoy, maybe the half bird-woman part, or how unique and diverse you can make them!

I also might keep Kira ----->Meeting Kira Part 1 (Contest Entry) by Mega-MonochromeIm Floatin! by Mega-Monochrome as some crazy psycho giantess, with her neko husband (Victor) of course to "suffer" from her hallucinations. So all you giantess lovers might want to keep a look out on that.

But other than those ideas, im scrapping the rest of my gallery. It will still be there, but you wont see them right away
(look in Scraps)

And of course ill still do adoptions!

Whelp, thats all, love you all!:heart:

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